About Me

Hi guys, my name is James Charalambous, and I have been singing since I was about four. I go to Campion School, and my favourite subjects are Drama, and Music.

When I was six, I joined a performing group called ‘Theatre Train’, although I don’t know what it’s called now…. It taught acting, singing, and dancing, and I suppose that is where I got my love for performing. I’ve performed at the West End a few times, which was an experience I’ll never forget!

About six years ago, I left theatre train, and joint a more acting focused youth theatre called Wired when I was nine. I haven’t left since! It was such a huge change from performing with hundreds of other kids on stage, going down to a dozen, but it made me realize how close a play can make you to other people. It’s a great feeling going somewhere where everyone is friends with everyone! We’ve performed shows like ‘The beauty Manifesto’ and ‘Blackout’, to musicals like ‘Godspell’ and ‘Bugsy Malone’. Here is there website, check it out! http://www.wiredyouththeatre.co.uk/Wired_Youth_Theatre/HOME.html

I’ve only ever entered a talent competition once, and that was in ‘Wooten’s got talent’. Surprisingly though, although I was lacking in experience, I came 2nd place, which I was stunned at :D

I’ve always had a passion for singing, and have a wide taste in music. Some of my inspirations vary from Michael Jackson, to Nickelback, to Eminem. Hopefully I’ll never stop performing, so please keep watching and commenting on the videos!